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We work with organizations that are committed to strengthening the well-being of their people. Organizations that are serious about creating change from within and willing to focus on the improvement of their human resources.

A recent survey of 611 managers and 905 employees from companies with over 100 staff revealed:

  • 42% of employees feel their company does not value them as individuals, while 51% managers surveyed said their workers were valued.
  • 33% of employees believe their supervisor knows what motivates them to do their best work, while less than 50% of managers give their employees immediate feedback when they've performed well.
  • 66% of both employees and managers indicated that lack of training is a significant barrier to the performance of the organization as a whole.

Skillful communication is essential in creating and maintaining a vibrant, effective workplace. It's important that individuals are motivated to succeed and flourish. BC Extreme provides a refreshingly new environment dedicated to honing trust between employers and employees.

Business Coaching is a process designed to help an individual or a team, with the support and encouragement of a professional coach, achieve self-determined goals. The size of these goals, and the speed with which they are achieved, is greater than would be accomplished working alone. A skillful coach supports behavioural change in the client by acting as an insightful sounding board and providing strong objective feedback in a non-judgemental and confidential manner. Business Coaching clients are typically individuals or teams that are accountable for significant decisions with a wide scope of impact on an organization.

Business Coaching delivers a wide range of observable and measurable benefits for individuals, teams and the organization.

Individual Benefits

  • Challenges the individual to raise personal performance standards
  • Increases individual ability to accomplish agreed upon outcomes, in areas such as leadership development and personal productivity

Team Benefits

  • Improves the quality and speed of team decisions
  • Strengthens teams member working relationships

Organization Benefits

  • Increases leadership capability and supports succession in planning
  • Develops the ability to successfully manage change
  • Provides a cost-effective approach for developing new managers
  • Improves retention rate

Meeting #1:
Complimentary 15 minute Senior Facilitator interview with perspective client

An opportunity for both parties to become acquainted without obligation and to discuss action plans, time commitments, deliverables, fee structures.

Meeting #2
(option 1) Escape to our Corporate Adventure Centre: Familiarize participant(s) with facilitator(s) and develop action plans
(option 2) Begin consultative process in your environment of choice.

Future Meetings:
To be discussed

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