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BC Extreme is not just an adventure company. We are an endorphin releasing formula for corporations and professionals on the go.

We work very closely with management consultants that specialize in strategic and operational decision making initiatives. Together we find innovative ways to integrate human resources with the organization's strategy, its structure and systems, and the processes by which goals are accomplished.

Be prepared to put the top down and have the doors blown out. Peel off your inhibitions and remember, it's not trespassing when you cross your own boundaries…

Our surveys and complimentary programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual client. Notwithstanding the customized nature of our surveys, the themes of typical interest to our clients are listed under each of the following categories.

Customer Satisfaction Measurement Surveys:
This service prepares organizations to better understand the needs and preferences of their customers. TLC Canada provides real and measurable performance indicators. We ask your customers to comment on the importance of your products and services, evaluating your organization's performance relative to the competition. By determining the expected dollar value of their overall ongoing business we are able to estimate dollar/market share value of future business opportunities which may go elsewhere unless you take steps to address the situation.

Employee Satisfaction Measurement Surveys
Employees are asked to rate the importance of the component questions in terms of their relationship with the company, and also how they perceive the company to perform in each area. TLC Canada provides real and measurable 360 degree feedbacks . The results provide direction for management and board of directors. Together we focus on the "vital few" helping our clients develop strategies to overcome the obstacles. Learn to attract and retain high quality personnel while improving overall employee productivity, satisfaction and profitability.

Customer/Employee Appreciation Programs
Y our organization, in partnership with BC Extreme will become a legend when we invite them on a journey of wisdom and discovery. By providing a setting of unmatched beauty, British Columbia 's magnificent scenery provides a perfectly spectacular setting. We'll design an incentive program that will get people excited. And not just excited, but fired up with enthusiasm. Together, we will create a seamless legendary experience, which translates directly into a better bottom line for you. Reach for the moon on a down-to-earth budget and.

"You might say that what we practice is an extreme form of common sense,"common" because there's nothing we do that thousands of other people didn't think of ages ago, "extreme" because we actually do it."

-Harvard Business Review

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