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Family Adventure Centre

BC Extreme provides  families access to a year round professionally supervised outdoor adventure-learning centre.  Thirty minutes north of Vancouver by car on the Sea to Sky Highway, The Adventure Centre ocean front facility makes for a wonderful escape with lots to do for everyone.  Free yourself from the day-to-day routine and be enriched with enthusiasm. Stretch that THRILLICUS MAXIMUS!!

Your community group, school, or family are always welcome to book the site for private functions. Whatever the case, BC Extreme’s Adventure Centre has several attributes that stimulate learning and interaction. 

Our staff realize the importance of maintaining strong parent-child relationships. We have designed special parent-child communication programs to keep you involved and informed. Our workshops focus on organized activities which break down barriers, encourage communication, and build team spirit through awareness and responsibility.

You'll enjoy your vacation that much more, knowing your young ones are having the time of their lives with other kids from all over the world, with the guidance and support of specially-trained counsellors. We keep kids busy and happy all day long, with sports, arts, and loads of activities keyed to their age and ability. They never want to go home

     Activities offered include:

The Building Zone
This is a low obstacle course in our on-site old growth forest. Permanent obstacles are entwined with supplied props: thick ropes, boards, ladders and other odds and ends. The building zone is where kids and parents mingle on the weekends. During the week, corporate or school groups work together building suspended routes in the forest or just play on the existing structures.
High Obstacle Course
It is built using cables, ropes, logs and steel that are suspended 30-40 feet up in the air, complete with a 100 foot zip line. This course is for the adrenalin seeker. The focus of this challenge is to promote confidence, trust and communication between the participants. This event is very popular with spectators.
Outdoor Climbing Wall
Climbing and rappelling offers something for everyone. Solid granite makes for solid ground while highly trained staff support and comfort all levels of participants. For those who are more advanced, BC Extreme is located twenty minutes south of Squamish, one of the premier rock climbing destinations in North America. The primary feature of Squamish is The Stawamus Chief, which features a 600m face, the Grand Wall, on which many spectacular climbs are situated.
Storm the Wall
A twelve foot wall that requires all participants to collectively work together, getting everyone to the top, and ultimately to the other side.
Build and Play
This is where many easily built games are displayed.  Parents and children participate, and are also given a booklet so they can remember   the ideas for home.
Ocean Front
Designed for those people who have limited kayaking and canoeing experience and want to get out on open water. Safety skills as well as experienced supervision make for spectacular surroundings. Raft building for the more inventive, and swimming are also available, naturally.
Here’s where moms and dads work together building a small raft or learn how to fix and maintain all kinds of things with other like minded kids. Work with clay, mud, sticks and stones painting things that can be taken home.
Offers the aspiring actor everything they need to explore in the amazing world of theatre.
Nature Walk
Get out there. Learn and explore beyond your own front door. An on-site property walk.
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