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Weekend, Multi-Day Expeditions

Weekend Departure

Included is a pick up on Fridays and drop off on Sundays from your community. Twenty-four hour, 7:1 supervision student/instructor ratio. Healthy and tasty meals. Students are helped in their understanding of the many sides of each issue through Conflict Resolution and Co-operative Problem Solving Strategies. By being creative and resourceful, kids will apply their new skills to problems and are encouraged to safely experiment with ideas. During the school year time is allocated for homework. No excuses! Our counselors will be there to give a hand if needed.

Multi-Day Adventure

What beginners can expect:
Upon your arrival your leaders will perform an equipment survey on each participant's gear, ensuring that it is appropriate for your trip. You will be introduced to a variety of skills such as operating a camping stove, setting up your tents, and correctly packing your backpack. Additional skill sessions will be taught throughout your adventures on such topics as route finding and navigation, choosing a campsite, cooking, first aid, hypothermia, and being lost and alone. While on your trip, you are encouraged to bring a positive and unselfish attitude to the group. Our adventures rely on your enthusiastic participation in all activities. Students who excel at BC Extreme adventures are prepared for challenging activities and are excited about learning. We do not tolerate the possession or use of illegal drugs or alcohol. If a participant is found possessing the above, or engaging in one of these activities, he/she will be sent home immediately. In such event, no refunds will be granted.

BC Extreme offers rugged adventures in glitz-free resorts. Are you ready for sailing around BCís islands in a 73-foot ketch? Hiking glaciers, rock-climbing, or mountain-biking some of the best terrain in the world? Lounging in natural hot springs, camping by alpine lakes, whitewater rafting, and much more?

We offer adventures for a range of time frames, budgets and activities.

Price: Did you know that Club Med started the 'all inclusive' vacation back in 1950?  BC Extreme offers the same great value today in Canada. Everything's included - especially the fun.

All Adventures are covered under one price. This includes three meals per day, accommodation, transportation, equipment, and activities. Bring your own sleeping bag and equipment if you wish. Prices start at $65.00 (Can.) per day.

A variety of great adventures in BCís vast fascinating natural settings await you. The choice is yours: solitude on crystal clear lakes, or endorphin-releasing experiences, challenging the elements. We offer all sorts of adventures that suit your style. Here are just a few examples:
  • Sailing: On board the legendary, 73-foot ketch Graybeard, we will sail to several islands and fjords, surrounded by forests, seals, fish, and whales. When the wind blows, this boat really starts moving - all hands on deck. There will also be opportunities for island hikes.
  • Mountain: Pemberton/Whistler Valley offers a great base for fascinating outdoor activities, including horseback and mountain bike-riding; hikes to peaks, lakes and glaciers; swimming; canoeing; and hot springs. Choose from two or more activity options offered each day.
  • Water: Explore the islands of the Howe Sound by voyager canoe or in kayaks. Hike and climb peaks. Stay in desolate camps with breath-taking views. Feel the rejuvenation of BCís fresh air.
  • Cycling: Explore the Kettle Valley Railway, one of BC Interiorís most beautiful valleys. Hike, swim and visit orchards and vineyards. This is the life!
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