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Our award winning programs are recognized throughout the lower mainland of British Columbia , Canada . We utilize various camps, community centres and on-site school facilities. We operate our own Adventure Learning Centre at Porteau Cove, a summer camp style location, 30 minutes north of the City of Vancouver on the Whistler Sea-to-Sky Highway . This rustic oceanfront property is equipped with a high ropes course, granite climbing bluffs, cabins, a dining hall and washrooms, along with access to a variety of other outdoor activities and elements.

BC Extreme currently offers unique experiential leadership programs. Looking forward, it is our dream to expand these programs to meet the needs of students who may be experiencing difficulties in the traditional school environment. If you would like to know more about our alternate school initiative or if you would like to place your son or daughter on one of our program waiting lists please contact us today for an application.

The BC Extreme Team motivates kids to succeed! Children love fighting the elements of nature, exploring new forms of movement, laying eyes on breathtaking sights, and sharing the day's adventures around the campfire. Whether it's canoeing to an island, camping on a mountain top, sailing around coastal fjords, riding horses in lush mountain valleys, or snow shoeing in the forest, children can't help but bond socially in the group, learn more about our world, and experience nature in its primal form.

Outdoor adventures are not limited to physical activity and camping life: nature presents an ideal classroom for topics ranging from ecology to history. Educational activities like resume-writing, job-finding clubs, and community work projects, or Government-sponsored programs like the Seymour Fish Hatchery, are integral and occur as part of an outdoor adventure that is inspiring and highly effective.

"It was the best week of our lives!" kids report unfailingly after our expeditions.

Mountain-biking, surfing trips, canoe, kayak, hiking climbing expeditions, first aid courses and much more …BC Extreme's range of educational youth adventures vary in terms of duration, activities, and location.


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